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Awesome Emojis!

This is super fun to use, and all of my emojis I’ve made are normal size. There are enough options to make some pretty silly and serious emojis that you wouldn’t be able to make anywhere else.


It’s good, but don’t get too excited with your emojis because when there is an update it erases all of your progress.

Bugs & Glitches ruined it!

None of the selections or characteristics are appearing & it freezes when I tap the arrow. Please fix!

Amazing!(but should be .99!)

This is a great app but I think it should be 0.99 but it's 1.99 cause it comes out super big if you send it In iMessage but I thought it would pop up in your emoji area on iMessage! But it is a great app! I have been looking for something like this for a while! So I am glad they made it and I'm glad I bought it! Even though it's 1.99 it's worth it! I say buy it cause it will come in handy most of the time while your texting even though the emojis come out super big it still comes in handy!

I 😍moji Maker™

This game is amazing!And after they updated it there was an new feature and it was awesome!You can also send an moji you make and Minamize them. If you want to buy this app DDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT PPPLLLEEEAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!


This app is worth the money. The possibilities are virtually endless, the keyboard works great, and the stickers in iMessage are amazing as well. I hear people saying that when they updated the app all of their emojis disappeared, but I’ve never experienced anything like that. There are a bit of minor issues, for example, the animated emojis sometimes lag in the stickers and/or keyboard. If you are considering getting this app, you really should, it’s amazing and don’t listen to the people who tell you otherwise.

I did it all day!😃

I love it it's so fun and addicting! 😍

Its the best!!!

My brother and i really lime that you can use the emojis that you make in the actual texting app!!!

This game is a waste of money!😡😡

Every thing that Tested...Trusted...proven said is right this game is a complete fake. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!! If I could I would give it a zero.


I have been playing for a long time but I forgot how to save and send emojis


I love Moji Maker, but I was thinking of maybe CONTESTS! This came to mind and thought "I should write this on a review." So here I am, wasting my life writing this review! Well, other than that, I love it!

Noooo it’s horrible and I spent 1.99 on it

I thought it was legit and you could make your own emojis and send them!!! But I read a review that said you can’t even send them! D:


Guys buy this game it’s a really fun game instead of getting bored of those other games get this one!!!!


The animated things don’t work like when your about to send them it just shows up as the color of your person, if your looking forward to that feature it’s a let down.For me I wouldn’t spend $1.99 on this but other than that it’s pretty good. Edit-it may just be my little almost dead i phone 5s but this keeps happening


It will not allow me to send a single moji!TERRIBLE!


I love this game making the emojis is so much fun!!!! Totally worth it


Just because you decided to bundle all IAPs into one price I’ve decided to buy this app.

Good app

The app is really cool and you can use your imagination to create emojis. I think they should add a guitar to make a emoji be able to hold one. Really cool app!!!


This app is very fun, kids can make there own emoji and send to friends and family! The only issue I have is that little kids are on here(not saying I'm not little I'm 13) dm they have a bad finger. I HATE that emoji. That's my only flaw about it. But besides that, it's a great app, kids should get it! Just maybe take the bad thing out..😬| WELP have a nice day/night! Love, Lizzie💕

Mojo Maker full of fun and functions.

I love “Moji Maker”. It is fun to create my own EMOJIs. And I am NOT making lame boring EMOJIs either, because I have limited functions. I have many choices of; face, skin color, eyes, eyes with animation, mouths and lips, mouths and lips with animation, hands, hands with animation, hats, uniforms, hair, etc. and not just a few limited choices. I am talking about screens and screens of choices. THEN I can change each element of my EMOJIs position and size I can TRUELY make my own personal and customizable EMOJI.


Love this app! Literally perfect. Works for everything that you could think of. Definitely worth it!

Best app ever

Great app

Really fun

Really fun

Really pretty cool

I want a mind-over-body hand gesture.. the animated ones look like crap so I recommend not wasting time developing those.

Love but one problem

I love this game/app but one problem every time I try exporting it crashes


The funny thing that you can do is enlarge an item and keep doing and then you can put the in texts lol


A cool app for to send thing

Wow this is awesome

In this app I can make the emojis. Sometimes I can't find the emoji I wants and what I'm feeling in the images they give us. But with this app I could make emoji's that I'm feeling and use them in the Messages app so I could text my friends when I'm feeling in emoji's. Plus they will be like oh my gosh you made your own emoji I want to too and you will be 😎 this is a very fun app I say you should totally get it!!


This game is GREAT!!!! I know many people are giving it bad reviews for it being in picture formal but they would have to make a deal with Apple which would cost millions of dollars, at least people who don't have the app can see the emojis unlike another emoji app. In general I would consider this a great app and it only needs a rainbow poo.

How do you send Moji maker emojis in A bubble?

I am actually not really good at English but, I love this app and my friends like it too but there’s only one thing I actually don’t get about this app. When I bought it, it said that you can send emojis in a bubble (The bubble you send, if your gonna send something😅) but how!? I would really like to now it😊👍 You should by this app, I love it!


It used to work until this new update and now it always crashes when you try to send something or save it.

Love this app

Great app

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! But...

AMAZING APP I LOVE IT! But... the sad thing is YOU CANT LISTEN TO MUSIC 😭😭😭😭😭 I love music! Especially pandora (shout out to them!) also it helps if your BORED 😐 AND PEOPLE SAY THAT YOUR EMOJI WONT WORK WELL GUESS WHAT? AT LEAST YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO!!!!

Like it

I like the app and would give 5 stars if I could save the emojis I made, but the two stars is because they have disappeared twice. All the work gone. Looking forward for a less buggy app.

I need my bears man 🐻🐻🐻

I the bear head emoji I know there's the panda bear but I want a brown bear. Thank you🐻🐻🐻🐻

Great idea, poor execution

I love the idea of making my imoji, but the app keeps closing when I try to save or use my new creation. Extremely disappointing.

The app I've been waiting for!

This app is so much fun. I've always joked about how i wish I could just draw in my own emoji because there wasn't one to fit my current mood. It's fun for the whole family. My son gets so into creating his personal emojis it's like he leaves the planet while he's playing. I strongly recommend trying it out. Anything you could ever imagine is here you'll never have to worry about running out of adorable little emojis to make.

Do not buy!!!

Do not buy this app. You can't actually send the emojis! And when you try to contact support, the app crashes. Not worth the $2. Requesting a refund.


I LOVE EMOJIS!!!!! So this is the perfect app for anyone that loves emojis (I have awesome emoji fights with my dad)


Love this app! So fun to make emoji's! You can save them and send them to friends!


This is amazing 😉 you should play it and you will love ❤️ it so much that your heart ❤️ will melt from markus 👦🏼 ps do get this app


Best emoji maker app EVER!

Must read

I really like this app and strongly recommend it but I think that you should be able to search what you are looking for like if you want the cat face to be able to search it and be able to change the color for example I get the cat face and its yellow I think you should be able to choose if you want it to be like blue or something

Can't send an Emoji

I can't send a retarded emoji all I get a a gay sticker that just comes right back. It used to work but now it's a humiliation and a leech for money not fixing the major problems that drive people away!




Pretty good, aspecaly when you need new emoji

Best ever




I love this app!

I love this app, it's great that I can show my emotions in my own emoji.

Best game ever

Super fun I text the emojis I make to my friends

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