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I really like this app,I’ve only had it for like 10 minuets,I don’t get why people are writing bad reviews. Everything about is awesome.I like how it has an option for animation.I give this app 100 stars!!!

Please help!

Please UPDATE your app!! CAN NOT USE 😭😭😭😭 Gave one star because it’s been two years since an update. Update and I will put 5 star because I love this app just can not use w the Apple updated version 😞


Best emoji maker app EVER! It’s great for EMOJI DAY!

I’d like my money back immediately

I downloaded this thinking that I could use it for my keyboard. That would’ve been wonderful, really anything would’ve been wonderful, but the app crashes every single time I use it. This is an absolute scam and I demand to be refunded immediately.


I’ve been looking for this app and I love messing with this

Not at all what I expected.

I want to CREATE an Emoji. I know what I want, I want to create it, not make More faces like all the other emoji.

Crest me a 5 star emoji

It’s so good I made lots of emojis that friends don’t know how to do

Moji Maker is Awesome 👏

I downloaded Moji Maker and it is awesome 😎 I’m downloading the animal Moji app right now I hope it’s as great as this app

Dear emoji

You should make a emoji game where you make a face but that doesn't require the iOS update please


This app looks amazing... if it worked. First off I am using iOS 11.4 on iPhone X. The only thing I can do is create an emoji in the app and paste it as a huge emoji. The scaling features do not work and it does not come through as animated. In iMessage I cannot use my saved emojis and I cannot drag them as a sticker. I have the keyboard enabled with full control. It shows in the app bar but nothing works. I spent 2 dollars on something I would have spent 5 on if it worked but I will repeat... nothing works. Please fix it!


So I try to use it when texting and it won’t send and it won’t stick to messages and I don’t know why but I do like how you creat an emoji and it is fun but I would like it to send.


is what i daid when i first got the app. Some people hate it but personally those people are just impatient and rude. They think everything has to be perfect about the app. So don't listen to them cuz you should download this AMAZING App.

Could Be better

Its awesome! My friends were amazed! But why can’t it just be like the other emojis?? You make it and then just press it and it comes up like the other emojis made on it.... But what it really gets me disappointed is when I send it and text something with the emoji it looks weird because of that big white background behind it... 😬 But that’s the only issue, this app is the best :)


AWESOME App I Needed A Gift Card WORTH IT I have been looking for a App like this for A Year! Crazy Right? If Your Reading To See If It’s Good ITS FRIKEN PERFECT But You Might Have a Little Troble No Worry’s I Can Help When You Want to text it Tap The App Store Icon Then The Moji Maker Icon Then Tap Your Emoji Bam! Done

Best game in the world

This game is the best I have no regrets on buying this game you can actually send emojis on messages😍


No problem whatsoever. I created a Joker emoji and I loved how it turned out. The only problem is that there aren’t enough masks. Mojishop has the flash, iron man, and captain America. I still don’t recommend Mojishop. Moji maker is the better. It was a good waste of 2 bucks

Me and my bro LOVE this game

Moji maker is Awesome and you can make mojis from existing emojis or create your own and i like how if you don’t want to make an moji you can just press the ‘random’ button and it has a random moji appear. My bro says moji maker is very very good but He is wondering how to make the mojis large in messages and I Already know how even though I just got the app last weekend and i’m not allowed to play on my ipad on the week days so saturday and sunday are the only two days we are allowed to play. And I love being creative and moji maker allows me to be as creative as I want!!!!!!!

Devs did right by us, but still buggy.

It was really bad but they listened to the consumer and added edit mode back and took IAPs away so we could enjoy more content on the app we paid for. Changed to 5 stars Update: 6/24/17 The edit feature is majorly bugged, does not pull up the emoji you actually want to edit. Once fixed will change back. Update: 7/07/18 Started making emojis on my ipad to use in iMessage, made a bunch of great ones. Then randomly without a crash, warning, or anything all my emojis were deleted when I edited a pre-existing one. Really wanna give this app 5 stars but it’s just so buggy and the fact it deleted the whole library of what I created just irks me to no end.


No complaints. Exactly what I hoped for. I’m so glad I downloaded it. It’s really fun and soooo worth 1.99. The possibilities are endless.

Why it’s ok

It’s ok sometimes the emojis don’t work on text

I feel like I’m ADDICTED!!!!

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! It’s like your making a fusion of different emojis! I really enjoy this app. Thank you, Moji!

Best (game) ever!

It works with EVRY single social media site!!! So awesome!!!!!

Really fun but has a few problems

This app is great! But when I try to use it when texting without stickers, I can’t do it. Even though it has directions, my iPhone 7 has a different keyboard and I can’t find the stick drawer (if that’s what you call it) but I think this app was totally worth the money!

Greatest app ever!

I can create the most newest emojis at ONE PRICE! 1.99!!!!!!



Awesome App!

For anyone who likes emojis, but is tired of sending the standard sets, this is perfect! It can be used as a sticker or as an emoji. I love the animations they’ve added.


I couldn’t send it through Messages and I couldn’t use it how it said it would. I rage quit it!

Mojis of mine ❤️😊☺️😆😁😄😃😀🙂🙃

Love this app!!! I get to make my own emojis ! Whenever I have to feelings I can make one and send it.😄🤪🌹❤️🙄😧😁😄☺️👦🏻🌹🙄👦🏻😧☹️👦🏻😉🙂😂☹️😝😟🤩😩😂😖🙃😭🙃😣😎🙁🤣😔🤩😔😣😗😜😣😣😝😔😔😔🙃😔🙃☹️😫😙😎😅😎😉🤧😂😃😌☺️🙃☺️🤣❤️😇☺️

Import and customize your own photos/images?

I thought this would be possible with the app but it seems I was wrong.

Love it and the new update

Ive always hated in app purchases when you get an app that you had to pay for to get, now I don't have to, but even without the update the app was amazing.

Moji Maker™

It. Has. Everything. Unlocked.

It’s ok

I think that it’s a great app and you can make emojis but when I tried to make a eleventh one it kept kicking me out of the app and not save I just think it’s a good app for its cost

Hand shapes are not as good as in the past

Somewhere along the lines, the hand shapes changed in such a way that they not as easy to distinguish as they used to be. I think this may be due to the way that fingers are now drawn. They are too skinny for small images and have dark tips. Compare that to the yellow iOS emoji hand shapes. The iOS hand shapes have fingers that are wider, rounder at the tip, and mostly yellow all over. They work much better than Moji Maker’s do now.


This app is amazing! Name an emoji an you can make it! It has no glitches and work very smoothly. I definitely recommend this app and it is really worth the two dollars spent.

Love it but😕

Love the app🤪 but it keeps sending as a photo/gif in messages, and needs to let us change colors of the shapes if we want to make people moji’s

crashes constantly

It has potential but has an infallible instinct for crashing just as the emoji was about to get interesting (anything but just a head shape)

No “Top Hat”!

Was all good but the only reason I bought the Moji app was to make buck tooth wearing a top hat no where to be found!😞🎩

Its good but...

I love this app and the update without in app purchases made it even better. Thank you but... 1. The animations are a bit laggy. 2. The ghost shape is gone D: Other than that great app use it all the time if the ghost shape stayed then this would have been 5 stars -PyroCharzard 2018

Not Good For Texting Or Email.

Only one (1) emoji I put together will send via text... either it simply cannot be selected or I get a blank face. The first one I made one sent out with no issue... so I made some more. When I tried to send them, from iMessage AND directly from this app... FAIL! I even did a P&R restart on my phone. Email?... only accessible from app. This is mainly to be used in Messenger... I don’t use Messenger.


I love this app, but when you send an emoji you can’t even text! But do get this app because it’s pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please give option to mute app sound effects

Great app, would change my rating if this app didn’t shut off what I was listening to while using the app. Please add a way to disable the sound so I can listen to podcasts/music while making emojis!

Not the best

Hi! I loved the app at first but since the new features they provided I can’t find the new things. There was not even an update for it. I am really disappointed 😞 in this app. Hopefully it will eventually work out. 😀😀👎👎

Hate it

Hate this app. the annoying emojis crash my messages app every time I open it.😡😡

It's fun even with kids!

The combinations that kids come up with is so funny. I personally like this app too, especially on real bad days where I can't hardly get out bed. There is one suggestion I have, even if you have to refuse 1,000's a day, you should make it where the emojis can be submitted to become a well known emoji.

The #1 game for when your bored

This game is so relaxing! When I am doing my homework and I am getting really stressed out, I love to just sit down and make a emoji. What else I love is that there is barely any ads! I can make emojis add free!


ok let me tell ya u cant do much but the stuff u can do is AMAZING i already see a hater but bro ITS ATLEAST BETTER THAN CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND so deal with it.

Love it!

So fun you can make your own


Only one tiny suggestion we should be able to choose the colors. I saw some people say that they couldn't send the emojis to people. I did.

Good app

You can do anything inappropriate you can think of😃.


All the people who said this was bad because you cant type them on a keyboard are idiots because how can you even do that and apple would most likely not allow it! Stickers are fine enough it does really have endless possibilities!

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