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This game is GREAT!!!! I know many people are giving it bad reviews for it being in picture formal but they would have to make a deal with Apple which would cost millions of dollars, at least people who don't have the app can see the emojis unlike another emoji app. In general I would consider this a great app and it only needs a rainbow poo.

How do you send Moji maker emojis in A bubble?

I am actually not really good at English but, I love this app and my friends like it too but there’s only one thing I actually don’t get about this app. When I bought it, it said that you can send emojis in a bubble (The bubble you send, if your gonna send something😅) but how!? I would really like to now it😊👍 You should by this app, I love it!


It used to work until this new update and now it always crashes when you try to send something or save it.

Love this app

Great app

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! But...

AMAZING APP I LOVE IT! But... the sad thing is YOU CANT LISTEN TO MUSIC 😭😭😭😭😭 I love music! Especially pandora (shout out to them!) also it helps if your BORED 😐 AND PEOPLE SAY THAT YOUR EMOJI WONT WORK WELL GUESS WHAT? AT LEAST YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DO!!!!

Like it

I like the app and would give 5 stars if I could save the emojis I made, but the two stars is because they have disappeared twice. All the work gone. Looking forward for a less buggy app.

I need my bears man 🐻🐻🐻

I the bear head emoji I know there's the panda bear but I want a brown bear. Thank you🐻🐻🐻🐻

Great idea, poor execution

I love the idea of making my imoji, but the app keeps closing when I try to save or use my new creation. Extremely disappointing.

The app I've been waiting for!

This app is so much fun. I've always joked about how i wish I could just draw in my own emoji because there wasn't one to fit my current mood. It's fun for the whole family. My son gets so into creating his personal emojis it's like he leaves the planet while he's playing. I strongly recommend trying it out. Anything you could ever imagine is here you'll never have to worry about running out of adorable little emojis to make.

Do not buy!!!

Do not buy this app. You can't actually send the emojis! And when you try to contact support, the app crashes. Not worth the $2. Requesting a refund.


I LOVE EMOJIS!!!!! So this is the perfect app for anyone that loves emojis (I have awesome emoji fights with my dad)


Love this app! So fun to make emoji's! You can save them and send them to friends!


This is amazing 😉 you should play it and you will love ❤️ it so much that your heart ❤️ will melt from markus 👦🏼 ps do get this app


Best emoji maker app EVER!

Must read

I really like this app and strongly recommend it but I think that you should be able to search what you are looking for like if you want the cat face to be able to search it and be able to change the color for example I get the cat face and its yellow I think you should be able to choose if you want it to be like blue or something

Can't send an Emoji

I can't send a retarded emoji all I get a a gay sticker that just comes right back. It used to work but now it's a humiliation and a leech for money not fixing the major problems that drive people away!




Pretty good, aspecaly when you need new emoji

Best ever




I love this app!

I love this app, it's great that I can show my emotions in my own emoji.

Best game ever

Super fun I text the emojis I make to my friends

Great for making awesome emoji.

I've tried a lot of the different emoji creating apps, and none of them compare to this one. So long as you have a newer device and are up to date on all of you software (aka your apps), you will not only have a great time using your emoji, but, if you are like me, you will have an equally great time creating them! You can basically make anything you want!

How do I put emojis in the text box?

Very fun app. But I would like to know how to put emojis in the text box, because I can only send as a picture. Thank you.



I love it

People say to delete it but don't cause it is the best app ever and if it doesn't save your progress when you update it then stop updating it and enjoy it how it is and for me it doesn't send like a photograph it sent like a real emoji plus you have to get the message app and it works great. So don't delete it's AWESOME!!!!

Moji maker

This is a fun creating your own personal emoji to show to friends and family I wanted this game since I was in 3rd grade now I'm in 5th and have it this game is perfect for kids 7 and up I think😊😊😊



To Tess😍😍😍😍

Ummm first of all the Christmas pack was free and now everything is on... They added everything without needing to pay. And they added animating stuff still need more???



Great! But ONE little thing

The apps great!! But there's one thing... the images should have TRANSPARENT backgrounds.. that's literally it.. GREAT app guys!

Five star Moji Maker

Have you ever felt like there was no emoji to express your feelings, well now you have Moji Maker™ to make an emoji that expresses your feelings. That's why I give Moji Maker five stars.😍😇😊😉. I'm 10 years old and I love Moji Maker.

Definitely worth the two dollars

When I first got this app, I was really afraid that it wouldn't be worth the two dollars. Luckily, I was wrong! There is now an easy way to get that one emoji that you've always wanted, and it works perfectly! I'm so happy that I can impress all my friends now with my custom emojis! Thanks!


Love the game, love making Undertale emojis *cough* with the stuff i have... *cough* I just want to request some other Undertale things.

I love this app but...

I love this app so so so much, but I wish that you could actually have the option of making it. For example I am a Pokémon nerd and I was trying to make Pikachu but I could not other than that this app is awesome!!!

Add most popular moji,s that peeps create and I would rate 5 stars!! Nice app

Very good app

Good but..

This app is good but how do get the emojis on my keyboard. Honestly I think it's an amazing app and is totally worth the money but seriously, how do you get the emojis on your keyboard? When u did that was when I realised that everyone who said you can send them as normal size emojis were lying.


App crashes every time you try to use an emoji. Not a phone issue either. I have a new phone. Can't get to app support unless you want to subscribe to email list so they can send lots of spam email. I want my money back. Good concept if it worked. But it don't. Want my money back.

Awesome app

I love this app it always works😁😁😁

Fun but annoying

This game is amazingly fun but is also very annoying. When I go to send my emojis it just keeps sending in this big picture not like an actual emoji. It is so annoying. Also it is very frustrating that in order to edit something on the emoji you have to be in the section that the accessory was on. I am not happy about this. But it is also a great way to have fun and make hilarious emojis with your friends.

True rating

It is a three because it has a weird fuzzy affect to the edges of the emoji but becides that it is amazing you make emojis so easily there's so many combinations it is tremendous such a great app


This app allowed me to make emoji stickers out of my current feels.

Amazing 5 STARS BEST GAME EVER (cooleo)

Like if u did any updates did but its the BEST GAME ALREADY 😎

New moving emoji 😀😀😀





Love it!!

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄

I think this is one of the best games ever don't listen to the bad reviews because it's their device (believe me) so I totally recommend this game!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😂🤣😜😬😆👍

The best app ever

So cute and creative and is a must have if you like your emojis


This is literally the best app probably.....EVER!!!! When I sent the emojis to my friends they were like... why didn't I get that update?? The I told them about it and they FREAKED OUT!!!! I LOVE THIS APP!!!!


Good but how do u save them to ur key board???

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